Airsoft Rules

Like all sports Airsoft does have rules. These are some of the general rules we follow. (please note these may vary from field to field):
1) You need to be at least 16 years of age to play with parents signed consent form till you are 18 years of age.

2) You need to be at least 18 years of age in order to buy an Airsoft gun; current players and members will not sell nor trade guns with players under 18.

3) Proper safety gear (i.e. – goggles) must be worn at all times when outside the neutral (safety) zone(s).

4) At all times when in the neutral zone guns must be kept clear and empty of bb’s, please clear your gun prior to returning to the neutral zone from a game. ¬†Any shooting into or out of the neutral zone will not be tolerated.

5) The honour system plays a large part in this game, if you cant play by the rules, and be honourable in the game, then please do not come out.

6) Calling outs, once again back to honour. Due to no paint marks being left on you when hit, we ask that all players call out and mark themselves with an orange/red flag when hit by bb’s (ricochets do not count, unless from a grenade) or within 2 arm lengths of a dummy (prop) grenade.

7) All guns will need to be chroned for safety reasons, and any guns shooting above approved speeds will need to be reduced, or they will not be allowed for use.

8) Don’t be a jerk, we are all out to have fun, if you have a problem with another player try to settle it personally between just the two of you, if this does not work then please approach one of the game organizers. DO NOT make a scene and ruin everyone else’s fun, you will be asked to leave if this happens whether in the wrong or not.

9) If you are unsure whether or not you were hit, call yourself out to be safe (see rule 5). This is better as most of the time you may actually be hit and did not hit the shot. Also, in the event the shooter knows he/she hit you and you did not call out, this will prevent any fights or arguments during and after the game (see rule 8). Players who do not call out and are caught multiple time will be asked to leave and not allowed to return, if using a rental and this happens any funds paid will not be refunded.

10) Have Fun, Meet New Friends, Learn, Live, AND MOST OF ALL: EXPERIENCE AIRSOFT TO IT FULLEST.