20 Tips And Tricks To Maximize Your Kitchen Storage

This article contains 20 different tips and tricks that will help you maximize the use of your existing kitchen storage. We hope that you’ll find them useful.

1. A quick scan of most kitchen will show that there’s a lot of unused space available under the sink. The addition of a drawer can provide valuable and accessible storage space for new sponges, extra dish soap and other cleaning supplies it also prevents you having to dig around your sink pipes to find what you need.

2. Installing a bag holder on the inside of a cabinet door “phụ kiện tủ bếp” can provide you a stationary place to store plastic bags without having to take up unnecessary shelf space.

3. Storing lids can be difficult as they have a tendency to take up a lot of unnecessary space purchasing a lid organizer will help neatly stack your lids close to all your littlest containers

4. Many people’s spice cabinets are very disorganized and tend not to efficiently use the space provided. Installing some magnetic tins and a sheet of metal will allow you to organize the space more efficiently.

5. Purchase airtight storage containers that come in a variety of different sizes to help remove bulky cereal, pasta and other snack boxes. These take up a lot of valuable space on your shelves not only will they free up space but they will help keep your food fresher for longer..

6. Adding some small hooks to the inside of a cupboard door to hang your measuring cups from while labeling each to reflect its size will help you prevent having to frantically dig into different cabinets and drawers to locate any spoons or cups that you need. What also acts as a reminder of how many cups there are in a quart.

7. A wall mounted paper towel holder makes far more efficient use of your countertop space than a standalone paper towel holder. You can purchase one that will also hold sponges and soap and dish soap to add additional and efficient storage space to your kitchen.

8. There are many excellent inserts that prove very handy for storing spices, and you can easily insert these into any top drawer.

9. Using effective labeling, lazy Susans or acrylic bins and rearranging the shelves in your fridge will help optimize its storage potential.

10. Similar to the solution listed above for storing container lids you can also get one for the tops of your pans and pots that come in a variety of different sizes and your customize to work with both your lids but you can also store cutting boards plates uneven cupcake tins comfortably with one of them.

11. Many kitchens feature narrow spaces difficult to use, but installing a slide out tower on wheels makes using the space very easy,

12. A set of stackable shelves would allow you to make 100% use of any vertical cabinet space.

13. Corner cabinets are notorious for being a waste of space in the kitchen but a well installed lazy Susan will provide ample additional storage space for either pots or pans, and extra panty, or a place to stash your Tupperware.

14. If you’re looking to clean up your kitchen space might be nearly guaranteed that, I’ll find a storage drawer stacked with utensils and knives. By adding a magnetic strip to your wall or even the side of your fridge, this will easily clear I need more about drop space.

15. Purchase a set of strainers measuring cups and mixing bowls that are designed to easily stack into each other freeing up valuable space

16. Sinks are an empty space when not in use, by installing a storage caddy it will give you a place to put your sponges and dish liquid instead of leaving them on the counter.

17. Mounting an organizer rack to the exterior of a cabinet door can provide a perfect place to store plastic bags of wax paper or tinfoil.

18. Mounting under cabinet baskets will allow you extra space to store food, garbage bags, napkins or anything else that’s just clogging up your cupboards.

19. Nested food storage containers are far more efficient and help reduce the hunt for leaves and save yourself a lot of hassle with storage.

20. Hanging a basket directly under your sink will provide easily accessible space to store your cleaning supplies will also mean you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees and dig around larger items or pipes to find smaller things like hand towels